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Tuesday, 04.12.2018, 8:30 h, Pre-Workshop-Day on 03.06.2018. 13:00 h





Pre-Workshop Day  

Registration and Reception

Crash-Course in fundamental concepts of ISO 26262 for beginners and those who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge.

Stephen Norton, Quint Safety GmbH, Managing Director

End of Pre-Workshop Training         

TuesdayDay 1
  Moderator: Dr. Rolf Jung, University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Professor for Functional Safety, formerly STW Sensortechnik

08:30 Registration & Reception Snack
09:00 Opening
  Wolfgang Mickisch, FSC.automotive Functional Safety Consulting, formerly
                            TÜV NORD Mobility, IFM, Head of Electronics & Car-IT

 09:30 Workshop: Item Definition for an Intersection Pilot

Learning objectives: To understand and be able to define …

  • vehicle-level use cases and
  • activity diagrams
  • vehicle-level system boundaries and context
  Stephen Norton, Quint Safety GmbH, Managing Director
11:00 Coffee Break

Workshop: System Design I

Defining Safety Goals and Deriving Top-Level Requirements
Stephen Norton

 12:15 Lunch Break



Presentation: System Design II
ASIL Decomposition and Functional Architecture, Deriving system level requirements, taking into account predictability of performance.

Dr. Bernhard Bauer, ESG

14:00 Coffee Break
14:15 Workshop: System Design II

Learning objectives: To be able to derive and design …

  • ... ASIL Decomposition and Functional Architecture
  • … System level requirements
  • … Predictability of performance requirements
   Stephen Norton
15:45 Coffee Break

Workshop: System-Element Design

Learning objectives: Too be able to drive and design ...

  • ... ASIL Decomposition and Functional Architecture
  • ... System level requirements
  • ... Predictability of performance requirements

Stephen Norton

17:30   Evening Break / Private Consulting Workshops (optional)
  Throughout the 4 days, participants have the chance to get consulted privately and confidentially for up to 60 minutes by experienced and renowned experts…

  • how to apply the skills acquired during the conference in his own work.
  • how to approach and possibly resolve project specific challenges.
  • Companies/participants are invited to prepare in advance issues to be dealt with during this session. Prepared NDAs may be exchanged before.

NOTE: Registration required (see registration process), but no additional fees!

 Social Get-Together and Dinner downtown

The Road to Automated Driving -- History and Future Challenges
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schneider, University of Applied Sciences Kempten,
                         Professor for Driver Assistance Systems, formerly BMW

Day 2

Moderator: Wolfgang Mickisch, FSC.automotive, formerly TÜV NORD Mobility, IFM, Head of Electronics & Car-IT








Talk: Quality as Basis for Safety

At least 75% of all issues popping up during product development applying ISO 26262 have their roots in deficiencies of Software and Systems Engineeringastheyarerequiredevenfornon-safetycritical systems. These deficiencies have to be identified and prevented right from the start in order to avoid exploding costs.

Christoph Hauck, Director of creatision Gm

 Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Quality Perspective

Learning objectives: To be able to ...

  • ... identify the quality requirements according to ASPICE
  • ... apply a structural approach for performing a FMEA accordingly

Christoph Hauck

10:15 Coffee Break

Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Safety Perspective I

Learning objectives: To be able to …
  • ... assign failure modes in the FMEA
  • ... create a failure net in the FMEA
  • ... define technical safety requirements
Stephen Norton
 12:15  Lunch Break

Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Safety Perspective I

Steven Norton
14:15 Coffee Break
14:30 Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Safety Perspective II
  Learning objectives: To get a deeper knowlegde of ...
  • ... define and implement technical safety measures

Stephen Norton

15:45 Coffee Break

Panel Discussion:
How to build up a state-of-the-art company-wide safety culture -- Typical challenges and pitfalls.

On the panel:
A representative of an OEM (requested), Dr. Felix Mederer, Conti (ADAS Development) Dr. Bernhard Bauer, ESG (Functional Safety Senior Expert), Christoph Hauck, creatision GmbH (ASPICE Assessor and Trainer),

Prof. Dr. Rolf Jung, UAS Kempten

17:30 Evening Break for Private Workshops
19:00   Dinner downtown
Thursday   Day 3

Moderator: Wolfgang Mickisch, FSC.automotive - Functional Safety Consultin


Presentation and Guided Talk: Challenges of Sensors as Systems Elements

Learning objectives: to be able to ...

- ... select appropriate sensors for an intersection pilot
- ... perform appropriate ASIL Decomposition
- ... derive an appropriate Functional Safety Concept
- ... dervie appropriate Technical Safety Measures

Adela Béres, ThyssenKrupp Budapest

10:15  Coffee Break


Presentation and Guided Talk: Testing Complex Safety Critical Systems -
                                                    Typical Pitfalls and Best Practice

Pitfalls and common mistakes collected from several years of cross-sector (Automotive, Aerospace, Defence) system and software validation and verification. ISO 26262 compliant solutions presented and discussed.

Workshop: Exemplary tasks to be solved in small groups,
                   evaluated and discussed in plenum.

Andreas Engstler, CEO, Konzept Informationssysteme AG
Armin Bolz, Automotive Branch Manager, Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH


12:15 Lunch Break


Presentation + Workshop: State-of-the-Art Failure Mode Analysis (FTA)

Learning objectives: To be able to ...
  • ... adapt the FTA scope and level of details to project needs.
  • ... prepare the FTA appropriately to increase efficiency.
  • ... set up a well-structured analysis process.

Dr. Frank Edler,; Functional Safety Expert and book author


14:45 Coffee Break



Presentation & Workshop: How to implement SECURITY Measures
                                             on System-Element Level

Learning objective: To become versed in ...

  • … defining safe-state and secure-state, FTTI, warning concepts etc.
  • ... selecting appropriate security measures.
  • ... complete the technical safety and security concept.

Dr. Hasan Akram, Matrickz GmbH, CEO,
Dr. Fatih Kilic, Matrickz GmbH, Head of Security Lab
17:30 Evening Break /Private Consulting Workshops
Day 4
  Moderator: Prof. Dr. Rolf Jung, University of Applied Sciences Kempten  


Presentation: The Functional Safety Path to enable Multi-Core Processors
                       for Intersection Pilot Applications

Learning objectives: To get an understanding of
…emiconductor solutions for ADAS functions,
...their concepts, challenges.

Thorsten Lorenzen, Texas Instruments




 Coffee Break

RADAR for environmental sensing in automotive ADAS & AD applications

Challenges and pitfalls in the application of 'ISO 26262 - a semiconductor perspective

OEM-, Tier-1 and Tier-2 development teams are well-advised to become familiar with this perspective and topic if they want to leverage their own deployment of silicon components. ISO 26262:2018, 2nd edition will be the reference document.

12:15 Lunch Break  



Summing up Workshop:

Presentation and Evaluation of the excercises results of working groups, presentation of exemplary solutions for participants to take back.

Stephen Norton

Summing up the Conference: Quo Vadis Functional Safety for ADAS & AD?

Prof. Rolf Jung, UAS Kempten, Chair for Functional Safety
15:00 End of Conference