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Tuesday, 19.02.2019, 8:30 h, Pre-Workshop-Day on 18.02.2019. 13:00 h





Pre-Workshop Day  

Registration and Reception

Crash-Course in fundamental concepts of ISO 26262 for beginners and those who want to refresh and deepen their knowledge.

Stephen Norton, Quint Safety GmbH, Managing Director

End of Pre-Workshop Training         

TuesdayDay 1
  Moderator: Dr. Rolf Jung, University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Professor for Functional Safety, formerly STW Sensortechnik

08:30 Registration & Reception Snack
09:00 Opening
  Wolfgang Mickisch, FSC.automotive Functional Safety Consulting, formerly
                            TÜV NORD Mobility, IFM, Head of Electronics & Car-IT

 09:30 Workshop: Item Definition for an Intersection Pilot

Learning objectives: To understand and be able to define …

  • vehicle-level use cases and
  • activity diagrams
  • vehicle-level system boundaries and context
  Stephen Norton, Quint Safety GmbH, Managing Director
11:00 Coffee Break

Workshop: System Design I

Defining Safety Goals and Deriving Top-Level Requirements
Stephen Norton

 12:15 Lunch Break



Presentation: System Design II
ASIL Decomposition and Functional Architecture, Deriving system level requirements.

Dr. Bernhard Bauer, ESG

14:00 Coffee Break
14:15 Workshop: System Design II

Learning objectives: To be able to derive and design …

  • ... ASIL Decomposition and Functional Architecture
  • … System level requirements
  • … Predictability of performance requirements
   Stephen Norton
15:45 Coffee Break

Workshop: System-Element Design

Learning objectives: Too be able to drive and design ...

  • ... ASIL Decomposition and Functional Architecture
  • ... System level requirements
  • ... Predictability of performance requirements

Stephen Norton

17:30  Evening Break / Private Consulting Workshops (optional)
  Throughout the 4 days, participants have the chance to get consulted privately and confidentially for up to 60 minutes by experienced and renowned experts…

  • how to apply the skills acquired during the conference in his own work.
  • how to approach and possibly resolve project specific challenges.
  • Companies/participants are invited to prepare in advance issues to be dealt with during this session. Prepared NDAs may be exchanged before.

NOTE: Registration required (see registration process), but no additional fees!


Social Get-Together and Dinner


Day 2

Moderator: Wolfgang Mickisch, FSC.automotive, formerly TÜV NORD Mobility, IFM, Head of Electronics & Car-IT








Talk: Quality as Basis for Safety

At least 75% of all issues popping up during product development applying ISO 26262 have their roots in deficiencies of Software and Systems Engineering as they arerequiredevenfornon-safetycritical systems. These deficiencies have to be identified and prevented right from the start in order to avoid exploding costs.

Christoph Hauck, Director of creatision Gm

 Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Quality Perspective

Learning objectives: To be able to ...

  • ... identify the quality requirements according to ASPICE
  • ... apply a structural approach for performing a FMEA accordingly

Christoph Hauck

10:15 Coffee Break

Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Safety Perspective I

Learning objectives: To be able to …
  • ... assign failure modes in the FMEA
  • ... create a failure net in the FMEA
  • ... define technical safety requirements
Stephen Norton
 12:15  Lunch Break

Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Safety Perspective I

Steven Norton
14:15 Coffee Break
14:30 Workshop: FMEA for System Element from a Safety Perspective II
  Learning objectives: To get a deeper knowlegde of ...
  • ... define and implement technical safety measures

Stephen Norton

15:45 Coffee Break

Talk & Workshop: Effiziency through an agile Approach -- SAFE SCRUM

Matthias Größler, FSQ Functional Safety & Quality GmbH, Managing Director

18:00 Evening Break and Private Consutling Workshops
Thursday   Day 3

Moderator: Wolfgang Mickisch, FSC.automotive - Functional Safety Consultin


Presentation and Guided Talk: Challenges of Sensors as Systems Elements

Learning objectives: to be able to ...

- ... select appropriate sensors for an intersection pilot
- ... perform appropriate ASIL Decomposition
- ... derive an appropriate Functional Safety Concept
- ... dervie appropriate Technical Safety Measures

Adela Béres, ThyssenKrupp Budapest

10:15  Coffee Break


Presentation and Guided Talk: Testing Complex Safety Critical Systems -
                                                    Typical Pitfalls and Best Practice

Pitfalls and common mistakes collected from several years of cross-sector (Automotive, Aerospace, Defence) system and software validation and verification. ISO 26262 compliant solutions presented and discussed.

Workshop: Exemplary tasks to be solved in small groups,
                   evaluated and discussed in plenum.

Andreas Engstler, CEO, Konzept Informationssysteme AG
Armin Bolz, Automotive Branch Manager, Konzept Informationssysteme GmbH


12:15 Lunch Break


Presentation + Workshop: State-of-the-Art Failure Mode Analysis (FTA)

Learning objectives: To be able to ...
  • ... adapt the FTA scope and level of details to project needs.
  • ... prepare the FTA appropriately to increase efficiency.
  • ... set up a well-structured analysis process.

Dr. Frank Edler,; Functional Safety Expert and book author


14:45 Coffee Break



Presentation & Workshop: How to implement SECURITY Measures
                                             on System-Element Level

Learning objective: To become versed in ...

  • … defining safe-state and secure-state, FTTI, warning concepts etc.
  • ... selecting appropriate security measures.
  • ... complete the technical safety and security concept.

Dr. Hasan Akram, Matrickz GmbH, CEO,
Dr. Fatih Kilic, Matrickz GmbH, Head of Security Lab
17:30 Evening Break /Private Consulting Workshops
 19:30   Social Get-Together and Dinner downtown

The Road to Automated Driving -- History and Future Challenges
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schneider, University of Applied Sciences Kempten,
                                         Professor for Driver Assistance Systems, formerly BMW


Day 4
  Moderator: Prof. Dr. Rolf Jung, University of Applied Sciences Kempten  


Presentation & Workshop :
The Functional Safety Path to enable Multi-Core Processors for Intersection Pilot Applications

Learning objectives: To get an understanding of
…emiconductor solutions for ADAS functions,
...their concepts, challenges.

Thorsten Lorenzen, Texas Instruments




 Coffee Break

RADAR for environmental sensing in automotive ADAS & AD applications

Challenges and pitfalls in the application of 'ISO 26262 - a semiconductor perspective

OEM-, Tier-1 and Tier-2 development teams are well-advised to become familiar with this perspective and topic if they want to leverage their own deployment of silicon components. ISO 26262:2018, 2nd edition will be the reference document.

Bernhard Gstöttenbauer, Infineon Technologies AG, Linz

12:15 Lunch Break  



Summing up Workshop:

Presentation and Evaluation of the excercises results of working groups, presentation of exemplary solutions for participants to take back.

Stephen Norton

Summing up the Conference: Quo Vadis Functional Safety for ADAS & AD?

Prof. Rolf Jung, UAS Kempten, Chair for Functional Safety
15:00 End of Conference