Comment des participants ont évalué les dernières conférence

This training conference is highly recommendable. Many other training events present contents exclusively or mainly by frontal lectures. This here is a combination of theory and practice. The subject specialists have profound knowledge in the field of Functional Safety and Security. They have demonstrated the special topics, above all current and new aspects regarding autonomous driving, in a comprehensible and concise way.
The whole event was smoothly organized and included an interesting supporting programme, so that there were many opportunities to discuss specific questions and issues with industry experts.
Altogether a very successful training event which has met my demands to my complete satisfaction.
Sven Schachtner, Functional Safety Manager, AUDI AG


“I really appreciate the conference and the way it was organized. Thanks to the different lectures and workshops, I have now a better understanding of Functional Safety and all the challenges that are related.
This training takes place in a really friendly atmosphere and gives the opportunity to have great discussions with passionate and experienced safety experts Definitely the place to be!”
Arnaud Bazin
EPB Mechatronic Engineer
Chassis Brakes International, France


"It is a unique conference where Functional Safety challenges are discussed openly and theory is put to practice. Great opportunity to meet safety experts from various  industries and exchange experience, issues and future ideas!
A wonderful four days, very nice location and a very pleasant atmosphere!"
Adela Béres, EPS System Expert
ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary Kft.


“I was excited about the profound expertise of the presenters. They came with many years of Functional Safety experience gained in the automotive and aerospace industry. In particular the working sessions gave me the chance to practice what I had learned and to correct what I misunderstood. I realized that it takes 3 to 4 days at least to walk through the Functional Safety process. Many thanks for the professional organization at such a beautiful location.“

Thorsten Lorenzen, Applications Engineering Automotive,
Texas Instruments


"Functional safety for ADAS is quite a challenge. To master this challenge     practitioners need to know their theory and leverage the team’s experience in order to come up with practical, yet safe approaches. This training combines theory and practical experience in unique way. The presence of several highly knowledgeable and experienced coaches throughout all training sessions allows for fruitful knowledge exchange that will boost the participants understanding of the topics in a very short time. Highly recommended!”
Florian Obermeier,
SANEON GmbH, Ismaning


"The training conference was well structured with its combination of lectures and workshops. The lectures were all very informative, I acquired a lot of knowledge throughout the 4 days. It was a great opportunity to meet and discuss with people who are already very experienced in Safety and Security. And it was a nice experience to talk with organizers, participants and experts about ADAS development and the challenges of ISO 26262 on the same level.
I really learned much more than I initially expected."

Aaditya S. Pise
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

                                                                                                       "Un séminaire examinant en profondeur les techniques de pointe en ingénierie de sécurité fonctionnelle, un atelier de formation instructif basé sur ces techniques et finalement un atelier privé traitant des problèmes dans votre propre projet. C'était comme un repas parfaitement préparé. En fait, nous avons eu aussi de magnifiques repas ensemble."
Mr. Yuongho Jin,
Solutionlink Co., Seoul

                                                   "Pour moi, c'était trés important de faire la rencontre de tant de spécialistes dans une atmosphère ouverte et amicale. Pendant cette conférence, j'ai obtenu tellement d'informations!"
Mrs. Ping Chang, Ph.D.,
Hirain Company, Beijing