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The trend towards complex Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) gathers momentum in the automotive industry. Demands on development teams and the need for highly qualified experts with experience in functional safety (ISO 26262) engineering for ADAS and AD will grow.

This 4 days ISO 262626 workshop training and consulting event in the pleasant and productive working environment of Vöhlinschloss near Ulm (Bavaria) prepares you and your company for this challenge.

Lectures deepened by interactive hands-on workshops explore all essential aspects of functional safety engineering and management.

Included are hot topics like cyber-security, evaluation and integration of semiconductor solutions, their challenges for user developers and manufacturers, the new standard SOTIF particularily important for AD, and finally EchoScrum®, the agile development model designed specifically for ADAS and AD development compliant to ISO 26262.

Vöhlinschloss near Ulm, Bavaria. Source: Stadtarchive Illertissen.



Particants learn both intensively, theory and its application in best practices.

A panel discussion on "Experiences at OEMs and Tier-1s with agile development models" will adress critical issues every Functional Safety Manager will encounter in this field. First-hand insight into the views of OEMS, Tiers-1s and Consultant Specialists.

For all participants, who first want to become familiar with or refresh their understanding of the standard, the pre-workshop day provides an intensive training in fundamental concepts and methods of ISO 26262.


Key Features

A stimulating program about ...

... specific challenges in ADAS & AD Requirements Engineering - ADAS Risk & Hazards Analysis - Safety Requirements Engineering for ADAS use cases - State-of-the-Art FMEA and Fault Tree Analysis for complex ADAS - Evaluation and Integration of Semiconductor Components like Sensor or Radar applications.

... hot topics: "Semiconductor Solutions -- Challenges for Manufacturers and Users" and "Safety & Cyber-Security" as well as SOTIF

Renowned experts ...

... who have been working in the industry for many years, will deepen the understanding of the standard and closely examine ADAS- and AD-specific aspects confronting engineers in real life!

Hands-on training workshops each day ...

... to consolidate acquired knowledge, each participant will create - in the course of the 4 days - lSO 26262 work products hands-on for a concrete ADAS safety case. The workshop is interactive in its character and led by a highly competent Functional Safety Expert.

Intensive introductory and refresher course ...

... in a Pre-Workshop Day for all participants who strive to acquire or refresh a deep knowledge of fundamental ISO 26262 concepts and methods. Optional, yet strongly recommended, only small fee.

Consulting workshop, private and confidential ...

... for each participant optional. This will allow to discuss how the participant may apply the expertise required, how to tackle project or company specific challenges.
This workshop may be prepared by NDA and correspondence in advance! If interested, please mark it as special feature on the registration form! No additional fees!